Stitch markers

I love my little flock… :teehee:

and a scissor charm with a pom pom made from some of my home spun…

Those are so cute!!! :flirt:

Those are so cute! I want some!! :cheering: :heart:

I’m not one for fancy stitch markers usually, but those are too cute! Did you buy them, or are they homemade?

ditto - made by you f/polymer clay? TOO ADORABLE!! :wink: :cheering:

Those are so cute I’d be tempted to leave them in the knitting :lol:

:cheering: :cheering:

Awww! :heart: They’re soo cute! :inlove:

oh my god… those are adorable, you have to, have to give me some ppplllleeeeaaassseee!! Sheep for knitting… ha ha! You could customise your stitch markers to match your yarn type, that is way cool!!

[size=1]now it kinda makes the ones i made you in your little package reduntant, which i am off to mail today, yay[/size]

You have just made my day!

Weeeeelllllll, I saw similar ones for 32 USD, Outrageous, if you ask me. I loved them though and thought I could make something almost the same. I have never ever touched FIMO before…it was super easy!

I didn’t think of making them multi-colored! Ooooo rainbow sheep, nifty idea.

Five_Six…you’re stitch markers are not redundant. They were made by you! I love that crafty goodness.

[size=1]and if you think you’re not getting a thank you gift for the socks…then you are sooo wrong. I was just waiting for the return mail address on the package. snikky snikky[/size]

Too cute! A knitter’s must!

You have to share where you got those - or if you made them, you can sell those! I collect little lamp things - I MUST HAVE THIS!!! Share - I have to know where to get it!!!

Those are TOO CUTE!!

Those are ADORABLE!!! GREAT JOB!!! :cheering:

:heart: :heart: :heart:

oooooooooooohhh squeel …I LOVE those…