Stitch Markers

Okay, I’m about to start knitting my daughter’s shrug and I need to go buy some stitch markers. Could someone clue me in as to which is best? I see Clover lockable stitch markers and some other brands just like it… and then there are just simple rings… which is better?

I prefer simple rings. Nothing fancy, smooth, plastic or metal. I find that the kind that look like little safety pins are too big, fancy ones get in the way, and open rings can fall off.

Okay but from what I understand, the rings go back and forth, slipped from one needle to the next. In the shrug pattern I have, it suggests marking where the sleeve ends, before starting the back, so that when it’s all done, you know where to stop when sewing the sleeves together. Now the rings wont stay there, would that be the point where I use the safety pin type markers or what?

Who knew I’d be thrown off by tiny little pieces of plastic?! :rollseyes:

I dont like round plastic st markers. They take up too much room & give me gaps. I use a piece of contrasting color yarn tied in a knot…I find cotton yarn (like sugar n cream) works best…doesnt get fuzzy. AND, they are CHEAPER! :thumbsup:

Yes… you’re right. That’s where you’ll want a removeable stitch marker. I have just a handful of those, 12 fancy schmancy sterling silver markers with blue beads (which I never, ever use), then I have about 150 basic no frills rings. lol

thanks a bunch… I’ll get them all and try the yarn thing too… something HAS to work for me… :thumbsup:

Well yarn certainly works too! :thumbsup: My favorite markers are little metal jump rings made of 9mm gauge wire. They’re tiny. No gaps. And I got 100 of them for $1.50. :wink:

I keep loosing my markers…they are kind of rubber rings…i like em…but I have like 2 left…sigh…

I do find that the yarn markers work quite nicely. Kinda hard for me to replace something I just “lost”…ya know?

For a removeable marker, in addition to yarn, I use plastic coated paper clips. Sometimes trying to tie yarn on is too fumbly for me…

My all-time favorite markers have beautiful beads - like fake jewels - on them. They make my work -in-progress look so pretty and I feel like I"m pampering myself or something. I bought mine from Gibson Girls online last summer and I love them. One caveat though - I ordered another couple of sets to give as a gift and they haven’t arrived yet. I just remembered them as I was typing this out… I had better look into that. I ordered them a couple of weeks ago I think.

do you have the Gibson Girl internet address? I couldn’t find it on google

Well, I just googled it myself and came up with this:

The only thing is…I can’t remember if this is where I bought them from the first time or the last time or ever. Like I said, my first order came and was great. The second order hasn’t come yet & it seems to me that it’s been awhile and I’d better track that down. So, what I’m trying to spit out is that I cannot vouch for the link I pasted above. I don’t know if the Gibson Girl stitch markers are only sold there, or other places too.

If I get this figured out, I’ll clarify!
:slight_smile: kimmie

Well, I finally got the beautiful Gibson Girl stitch markers in the mail. On the package it says that their web address is
but I don’t see any pictures there. I assure you that they are lovely AND they sent candies along with my order. I have no idea what took them so long to ship this time, but now that I’ve got them, I’m happy.

It’s really easy to make those and cost about half the price or less. I sat here one night and made eight of them in about 30 minutes. Go to a local bead shop and check out their beads!


Yeah, that’s what I’m thinkin’. That would be a fun project, and you could make them with your favorite beads.

I typically use the yarn loops myself, because I’m not very organized to have other markers with me, and those are easy to come by. :wink: EZ said she had a friend who made stitch markers by cutting thin slices of a drinking straw; bet those would work great too. I’ve used washers before, and even those can be too bulky. I like a thin marker, like KellyK says.

Sounds like a fun idea. I already have plenty of beads and wire around. What did you use for the ring? The rings I have from other beading projects look like they would snag the yarn.