Stitch Markers

Ok so I haven’t knit in two days because I’ve been making these…I only have pics of one set, but I’ll add the other two in a minute.

Edited to add the other two sets…
These are just beads I got at Michaels, there is a bead store next to my LYS…I see a new addiction starting.

Those are very pretty!!

mmm… the yellow/green ones are yummy!!!

Ohh very pretty! Love the colors :thumbsup:

I love them. What hardware are you using (to put the beads on)?

I started using straight pins but then changed to eye pins. I think I like the eye pins more.

Those are really pretty! :thumbsup:

Those are so pretty. I love pretty stitch markers!

Pretty! I love the red ones!

Those are so pretty. I’ve been using plain ole plastic rounds that I bought at Joann’s. Are those hard to make?

:inlove: :inlove:

Lovely, well done. Loooove the blue ones mostess of all!

Not at all, I’d just make sure you have a good pair of small needle nose pliers. The first set I made I didn’t like and I changed to smaller pliers and it was so much better.

I LOVE all of them :heart:
I have been thinking about doing the same thing…but, I’m so afraid that I will become addicted to beads, as you said :wink: