Stitch markers- would you buy them? 3 pics

I’ve been making stitch markers for a while now and I was thinking of saling them on esty. I think they are nice but I wanted to hear others thougths before I tryed to sale some sets. please let me know what you think. I was thinking of saling a set of 4 for $5, is that a good price and would you pay that for a set?

I wouldn’t (that’s just because I only like the little rubber stitch markers though). But I’m sure someone would since they are very pretty.

If I were buying markers like that though I’d want at least a set of 6. I probably wouldn’t buy a set of 4. Good luck with those! I hope you sell lots. :slight_smile:

I’m the same as Sabrina - I don’t even buy “knitting stitch markers” but go to a local beauty supply store and buy the tiny rubber-bands that braiders use in hair. I get something like 100 rubber-bands for .99 cents…

But, Rory, as a fellow jeweler, I can attest that you have a good eye for color and those would look fabulous on a bracelet!

I think that is a very reasonable price. I’ve seen beaded stitch markers that cost [U]way[/U] more then that. Note I don’t have any beaded ones, but at that price I could be convinced I needed some.

they’re very pretty, but I personally wouldn’t buy them because they’re not my style. as for pricing, go browse around etsy and see what others are charging and what materials they’re using. Compare. I also have a suggestion, Make all but one in the set exactly the same, with one slightly different (different bead order, or one bead a different color) so it can be distinguished as a beginning of row marker for knitting in the round.

Great markers! Will you be offering them in different sizes? A “variety pack” perhaps? You could make each size a different color which would “help” the knitter distinguish between the sizes.

I love your color choices. The one thing I would be careful of is that there are no rough edges to catch on the yarn. I don’t have my glasses on and am too lazy to go find them but it looks like you’ve got a small wire wrap on the bottom of some. Is that right? I would recommend either a long head pin with a very tight wrap at the top or a beading thread that you can thread through a tiny seed bead at the bottom, which will hold the rest of your beads on. You could tie a knot at the top and then use one of those handy dandy crimp covers which look like a little ball when they’re attached.

Am I making sense? As a glass artist, I’m very particular about how things are finished and hope that I’m not sounding too “preachy” which isn’t my intent. I just thought you might like another opinion.

You can also go to the forum and post your question and pictures in the glass art section. The artists there are so awesome and their critiques are always so wonderful and sensitive.

Good luck.

I don’t use stitch markers that are any more elaborate than little rubber rings. BUT, that didn’t stop me from making my own little sheep stitch markers and selling them on etsy. I made about 30 of them and sold them all.

People DO buy stitch markers. Go for it. What’s the worst that will happen? :slight_smile:

I think they would sell.

Those are so pretty! I like the previous suggestions of making a bigger set and making one slightly different. Both seem like they’d be helpful based on my limited marker experience.

I haven’t been brave enough to buy or use anything more than the thin plastic markers though.

Thanks everyone!! I like the idea of making the set bigger and having different for the beginning of the row. I need to get bigger rings and more beads. I started making those because I had some beads and i don’t wear bacelets so i made these. I need to try some different kinds but I don’t have the money to buy any new supplies right now :cry:.