Stitch markers from UK

Just a reminder if anyone wants stitchmarkers (or anything else) from UK - last parcel post date from here is 11 December.

When ordering, could you please let me know if you want the markers for straights (hooks) or circs (loops)

Photo below is of Millefiori Tile - not yet on website.

For orders - please contact:


They are beautiful! I have my own set and love it. I am thinking that I need a set of the circular ones as well :teehee:

Buy from Limey! :hug:

[color=blue]Hey all! I also have Limey’s markers. They are beautiful and work great! :heart: I happened to be using the English Meadow markers and my daughter thought they were part of the project. “Mum those are so pretty” She looked disappointed :pout: when I told her they were my markers, not to stay on her felted bag lol.

n sebago ME[/color]

Hey, Bob Mrazek used to be my Congressman! (See “reading” in Anne’s post…)

I’ve ordered sets of circular markers for myself and my mother… can’t wait to get them!

The stitch markers were there when we got home last night. They are GORGEOUS!!! I love them! Thanks so much, Limey!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: