Stitch Marker Tutorials

I’d really like to make stitch markers, but have never beaded before. My DH shudders at the thouht of me finding a new hobby! I found this website (which is pretty good), but do any of you know of any other tutorials on stitch marker making? I’d really like to get to making these for myself and my knitting friends!

Thanks in advance!:muah:

Artlady on here has put on on a rather lengthy post. Search for Making your own stitch markers. Also here’s a pretty generic site someone posted too.

Do take a look at Art Lady’s tutorial thread (here)- it is how I learned to make stitch markers and I had never beaded before either. I kept looking in beading magazines at the craft store, but just didn’t “get it” - around that time Art Lady posted this and suddenly it all made sense - now I have several sets and just love them! Have fun, and be sure to share your creations on the thread!

I used this website to make mine. It only took me about 10-15minutes to make my first set of 6. So fast and easy.

Thanks everyone, for all the additional “How to Make Stitch Markers” links! I think the more info we have access to, the better!!

Thanks for taking time to research it! I saved all those links myself!
I had seen Fusion Beads…but not any of the others!!

Way to go!!! :cheering: