Stitch marker help

I am starting my very first shawl and on top of that, it incorporates lace knitting. The designer has stated that “the instructions do not direct placement of optional markers between lace pattern repeats. All markers are to be slipped as encountered.”

The directions for the lace section 1:
Row 1 (RS) K2, KYK (K2tog,YO,K1,YO, K3, SSK, P1) to 3 before end, K to end
Row 2 (and all WS rows): K2 KYK, purl to last 3 stitches, K3
Row 3: K2, KYK, K1, P1<(K2tog, K2, YO, K3, YO, k2, SSK, P1) to 5 before end, K to end.

Other notes say: Rows 1-12 will include 11 repeats of the lace pattern
Rows 13-24 will include 13 repeats of the lace pattern
Rows 25-32 will include 15 repeats of the lace patter.

So, I know if I don’t use markers, I will screw things up royally. Where am I placing markers? Help

This is Leah’s Lace Shawl (A SundaughterKnits Pattern). My email accounts would not accept a photo, so I couldn’t include a portion of the pattern.

Your help, as always, is greatly appreciated.

Hi have you tried a swatch out?
Maybe try cast on 15 for row 1 and put a marker where the brackets are then you can see where the additional stitches start to increase outside the marker?
I think I’d do this and just watch where the stitches are sitting as the rows work up to get a feel for it on 1 (15 sts) or perhaps 2 (24 sts) repeats.
I would imagine after row 12 there are enough new stitches to add an additional marker at each end a few stitches in (row 1 being 9 st inside the bracket) and at the end of row 24 there would be another set of repeat each end, again a few stitches in from the edge.

Very pretty shawl which has nice reviews from knitters on Ravelry. One of the knitters recommended putting a marker on the purl stitch at the end of the repeat. Creations idea of markers at the parentheses is also a good suggestion.
I agree with you that markers make lace patterns possible with minimal frustration and hair pulling.

Creations and Salmonmac,
I so appreciate the input - I’m also going to insert a lifeline because I have a feeling I may need it.

I’m going to go with putting markers where the brackets are and I will keep y’all posted!



Absolutely put in a lifeline. You decide how many rows between each one. I like to use dental floss as it is easy to pull out. Use green mint color floss if you are knitting a white project.
You can use markers after every repeat of the lace pattern but you may find that you can see it after a while and you stop using them. If this is your first lace, take extra steps to prevent craziness. Do not get frustrated. Go over every stitch of every row before you start the next row. It takes extra time but keeps you in line. Take your time. Never knit lace when you are riding in a car or trying to watch TV. Very distracting. IMHO.


Thank you for the great tips - so far, it’s going well. I have placed stitch markers after each repeat and count the stitches in each repeat section to make sure the count is correct.

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