Stitch increase

Just me, again! I have followed the pattern correctly, I believe! However, on the rows where I had increases, there seems to be a “line”. This happens at each row increase. Does this sound right? Is it possible that I didn’t increase properly?? Thanks!

If you can post a picture that would probably help us see what you’re seeing. And this sounds like it’s a continuation of another question/thread. What are you making?

A sweater! And I will attempt to post a foto!

Don’t know if this helps…???

What are your instructions for the increase row and what kind of increase are you doing?

[FONT=TrebuchetMS][LEFT]This is the instruction for one of the increases:
M: [k1, m1] 2 times, [k2, m1] 53 times,
k1, m1, k1.[/LEFT]

But how are you doing the m1?

It sort of looks like you might be lifting the strand between sts and knitting it; if you knit tight that pulls on the yarn so it makes a noticeable line, especially when they’re that close together. A better one might be the backward loop inc, which is called the M1A on the Increases page.

Hi, I did the KFB when I viewed the videos. Oh boy, I have put a TREMENDOUS amount of time into this sweater…I didn’t know it made a difference when the instructions say M1 and that is it. This is suppose to be a gift for my daughter in law and I can’t give her something that doesn’t look right. I’m very upset right now. I’m too far into it to pull it all out. But, thank you for all your help. I’m just frustrated with myself and those instructions.

You don’t have to rip all of it out. Unravel to the row above the one with the wrong incs, then insert the needle into the sts as you pull the last row out one by one. Use a smaller needle to make it easier.

I have almost 300 stitches on the needles. I can’t go back to the increase row since there are several increase rows and they have a sizable amount of St st rows in between…It would just be too much work and too painful to do at this point… :frowning:

Well, put it aside for a while and see how you think about it in a couple weeks.

Yes, I can do that, but I’m not unraveling…It will just have to stay like that or I’ll abandon the whole project. I have restarted this sweater at least 5 times already…enough is enough. I realize that I’m a new knitter by experienced knitters, but shouldn’t the pattern indicate what kind of M1 to use?? Or am I just being pissy because I’m aggravated and very frustrated and disappointed?

M1 almost always refers to lifting the strand between sts, but it shoud explain that. What’s the pattern?

I don’t know how to explain to you what the pattern is!! I can email it to you privately since it would be too big to post, I think. Anyway, thank you for your kindness…I’m not having a good week and this stupid sweater isn’t helping it…lol Of course, as with all things, it is a learning experience…albeit unpleasant. Now, I’ll know that all M1’s are not created equally.

The name of the pattern is what I’m asking for, or where you got it. Book, magazine, website…?

I bought it online and downloaded it from Knitpicks. It is called “Gemma”. Thanks…Linda

I checked to see if other people had problems with it, there is errata for the sleeve decreases, but that’s all.

Maybe the yarn wants to be another pattern and something will come along to grab you.

I’m not sure what “errata” is…and like I said, it has been a frustrating week and this is just adding to it. I’m not a very experienced knitter and really didn’t know that an increase would make that much a difference. I have made a few sweaters before and never had this problem. So, I guess it is a learning experience, but one that I could live without at this point…lol…

Errata is corrections for typos or mistakes in patterns. Lots of them have it, no matter how many times they’re test knit or proofread.

Yes, just call it learning something new, and go on to the next thing.

Yes, thanks for all your time and help!