Stitch Increase Question

Hello all! I am a new knitter and just found this site and am I so excited I did! I am knitting a tank and am not understanding one of the instructions regarding inc st. I thought maybe I am overlooking something. It says “inc 1 st each end every 8th row 2 times more. 80 st.” But I’m at 76 stitches now. Wouldn’t this only give me 78 stitches?
Please Help!

Hi. Welcome to KH.

“inc 1 st each end every 8th row [I][B]2 times [/B][/I]more. 80 st.”

You do two increase rows. The first time will give you 78 sts, the second will bring it to 80.

Reading patterns can be confusing.

Two incs on two rows will give you 4 more sts. Note that ‘each’ end means at the beginning and end of the row.

Thank you so much GrumpyGramma and suzeeq for your prompt replies and for your help! Suzeeq, ,that make perfect sense. I guess I just needed to have it explained differently. I was making it too difficult. Thanks again guys!