Stitch i-cord

I copied the pattern for the booga bag and it says to make a 5 stitch i-cord with your 10 1/2 double pointed needles. What does it mean to make an i-cord?

Amy has a video on making icords. Basically you will cast on 5 to your dpn. Then instead of turning your work you will slide it down to the opposite point and knit your next row. This will make a cord. Definately check out the video.

Hi Becky! Go to the Advanced Techniques on and view the video on i-cord. It shows you how to make one :thumbsup:

Just wanted to say that I’ve made a few i-cords myself, have made 2 booga bags, and I LOVE I-CORDS!! :heart: :heart: It’s just so cool how it comes together, like a seamless little tube. Once you figure it out, it will be a :figureditout: moment. Just make sure you make the first stitch of each row really tight so that there isn’t a little gap in the back of the cord.