Stitch holders... I'm clueless... please help

I’m making a blanket. I have the width squeeeeeeeeezed on to a 32" circ right now.

do I NEED to get stitch holders?

I’d like to see what the width looks like all stretched out.

what kind - brand, design, length, etc. - stitch holders should I buy?

thanks!!! :smiley:

If you want to see what the blanket looks like, you could either spread it out over two or more circs, if you have them, or lace a piece of yarn through all the stitches and spread it out.

Stitch holders don’t come that big. I actually find that I don’t use them anymore because their stiffness gets in the way. I use yarn instead. I’ve found, too, that very often when I have to take the stitches off the stitch holders they’re on the wrong way (the yarn is at the wrong end) so I have to switch them back and forth between needles. A Pain.

Stitch holders look like big safety pins, and I haven’t seen any longer than about 5 to 7 inches. But as I said, since they aren’t flexible, they sometimes get in the way when you’re knitting around them. Waste yarn works just fine.

thanks Ingrid :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: !
I really don’t have the motivation to go out and buy stitch holders right now anyway :oops:. blasphemy :oops: … wow, I actually admitted that I don’t want to go to the LYS :thinking:… I better knit something… quick…

Just an interesting thing… I once read a person state she improvised when she needed to put a whole bunch of stitches on a stitch holder and somehow she used a coat hanger! I guess her husband cut it so it could open. Isn’t that weird? But I guess it would work.

Also, when you’ve knit enough of the blanket you’ll be able to spread out the end pretty much to see how big it is. After you’ve knit quite a lot I’d say. KNow what I mean?

I use yarn a lot too though… P.S. Places like Walmart and of course lys usually have a package of 3, in small med large.