Stitch holder question

place stitches on a stitch holder and fasten off. what does this

It basically means place your stitches on something and leave it there for later. The something can be waste yarn, stitch holders, or whatever else you can think of. You just thread your yarn or stitch holder through your stitches.

While we’re on the subject (sorry to hijack) what is your favorite thing to use as a stitch holder, other than a “stitch holder”. I’m so cheap. I am refusing to buy one for some reason.

If there’s only a few stitches I use a Safety pin, mostly I use a piece of contrasting yarn thread it through the stitches and then tie the ends together to keep the stitches on.

I didn’t think of yarn. Great idea! Thanks so much.:muah:

do i cut off the yarn?

You don’t cut off the yarn you’ve been working with. The yarn that you are placing the stitches on will be yarn from another skein so it should be a single piece of yarn, big enough to place all your stitches onto.