Stitch Holder - Question

I am really confused by a pattern I want to try and make for a friend’s baby. It is for a bib that is shaped like a flower - 5 petals. The directions have you knit 1 small petal and 4 large ones and after each piece is completed up to a certain point - place the stitches on a stitch holder. Then when all 5 are completed place them on 1 straight needle with the small petal in the middle.

My question is this - when I place them on the holder do I tie off the yarn before casting on for the next one? How? Also what is the right way to place them back on the needle and rejoin the yarn?


I don’t usually tie the yarn off, but in your case, you probably should.

To get them back on the needle, just knit them off of the stitch holder with your needle and join the yarn the way you usually would.

I usually tie the tail in a loose slip knot to the stitch holder. I am not sure that it actually does anything other than ease my mind that nothing will unravel.