Stitch Holder How-To Question

Hi all,

This is my first post. I am a beginner knitter who is just getting back into it. My first starter project is a scarf, which has a vertical slit in it for the end of the scarf to go through the hole when it’s on. This is accomplished as follows:

Kn for 27 inches. There are 21 stitches.

Then, Kn across the first 11 sts and place rem sts on the sticth holder. K the 11 sts for approx. 4" and place on the other stitch holder. CUT the yarn. (yikes!)

Sl the 10 sts from the first holder back onto the needle, join the yarn and work until it’s the same length as the right side of the slit. Place the sts from the 2d holder onto the needle and cont in Garter st for three more inches. Bind off.

Ok, I cannot picture this. How do I cut the yarn on one of the “arms” and go back and do the 10 sts when there’s no yarn waiting down there. And how do you join the yarn when you’re sliding the 10 stitches back on the holder. Join it from where? I’m sorry, I am just not following these directions at all. Any help would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks!


Leave tails, about 3-6" should do it, so you can weave them in later. Join just means start knitting with the yearn end.

Yearn end? I don’t understand.

I’m sorry, not sure I get it. The issue is what yarn I u8se to knit the 10 sts that are left after I knit the 4 inches on the 11, the yarn will be way upward. I don’t understand the pattern.

Thanks for the response.

Typo… YARN end. Just cut the yarn where it says and use that ‘end’ to start knitting on the other stitches.

Once you have knit the 4 inches you put those stitch on a holder and cut the working yarn, so your knitting is now not attached to the ball of yarn. Leave a good long tail of yarn dangling from your knitting to use/be secured later). after you have cut the yarn you are left with a ball of yarn not attched to your knitting.

To start knitting the 10 stitches that are on the holder, you put the stitches back onto a needle, hold the yarn (from the ball that is currently not attached to anything) as you normally would, and simply start knitting. Make sure you leave a good few inches of the loose end (the tail) free so that it can be woven in and secured later.

I think I understand your issue: after you knit the 11 stitches for 4 inches they will be on your right needle with the yarn ball end at the top, place the stitches from your holder onto the empty (left needle) and continue to stich them onto the right needle (joining them with the 11 already done.) Then you have them all on one needle just like before you split them. Now you continue knitting them as one row.
Hope this helped you.