Stitch holder help

Hi im a good knitter and inderstand most things but a pattern i am followimg says to …work across 25 stitches and slip to a stitch holder for right front then to knot across e4 stitches and slip these to a golder for the back and then to knit across remaining 25 for left front ive never done this i have always just slipped stitches not knotted them first any idea anyone

Probably to get your working yarn over to the left front.

Not sure exactly what you ate asking. Is it possible for you to provide a link to the pattern? According to what you wrote they want you to knit thr first 25 stitches and to place them on a holder (rt front) then to continue over the next number of stitches placing them also on a holder snd to proceed to knit the remaining stitches.

Agree we need to kmow what the next row says to do

it says … continue in pattern until left front mess 6 1/4 inches

Where divide for fronts and back

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You’re going to work the left front first so place the right front and back on holders. As Metylda mentioned, working the sts first will put the working yarn in place.

One request, please edit or delete the pattern posted. If you can post just the relevant rows that’s ok. If you can’t edit the pattern, just delete it. We get into copyright problems if an entire pattern is posted.

ok thank you for your help

As you sre from the pattern you are working each section separately.