Stitch gauge way off, row gauge close

I am starting a KAL this week and as usual, procrastinated on doing my swatch. I just finished my swatch, blocked it and found that my stitch gauge is off by 33% - should be getting 24 stitches/4" and I am getting 32 st/4". I am not usually a very tight knitter; I usually knit right to the gauge on most yarn labels. Don’t know if it matters, but this was my first attempt at swatching in the round. My row gauge is pretty close - getting 30 rows/4" vs. the recommended 32. I have read that changing needle material will help - this swatch was done on stainless interchangeables, but I have wooden ones that I could try. Before I start my next swatch, I’m curious about

  1. opinions on going up just one needle size for this large a discrepancy
  2. whether the needle size adjustment will throw my row gauge way off
  3. whether needle material adjustment will help without going up a needle size.

Anyone ever had this issue that could help shed some light so that I only have to do one more swatch before my KAL starts on Wednesday?

Any help appreciated,


To me it looks like you will have to switch yarn if you want the same gauge as in the pattern. A more bulky yarn makes each V a bit wider. Try to use the same needles (or very slightly smaller) to get the row gauge right.

For a slight discrepancy, you might be able to achieve gauge by changing needle material to a slicker material, but it’s unlikely that would fix a 8 st/inch discrepancy.

I would try going up a needle size or two first, to see if that fixes it.

If that doesn’t work, maybe you could use a slightly different yarn?