Stitch frustration

I am knitting a bookmarker and using the fine crochet cotton…

Purl 2together Thru back loop…I have seen the video and it is great…but once I have the yarn wrapped and ready to take the stitch off…somehow I don’t get that last part correct…HELP…thank you in advance.
Ava coleman’s bookmarker pattern…I think it is row 4 that has that stitch in it.

Oh I hate that stitch. Really.
More than purl through back loop.

I know it is hard to get, and I had problems myself…

Now I don’t feel so bad struggling. What is that stitch to look like when it is correct?

On the knit side, it will be a left leaning decrease. Another way you can try this is ssp. Slip both sts separately, knitwise to the right needle, then purl them together.

Are you replying to PURL 2 together thru the BACK loops? thank you.

When you slip the sts it turns the way they’re facing and then put them back on the left needle and purl them together tbl, but it’s easier to do it that way then to ptog tbl without slipping them.

Ok, I think I got it {I think}…will write it out and try it…not sure if I will attempt now as have taken it out so many times.

I had a hard time getting the yarn around the needle the right way…

My problem is that I cannot get the stitch off the left needle…still have not got it.

Are you knitting tight or is the st pretty far back from the tip? You don’t have to tug on the yarn to get nice even sts; making the next st pulls on the one you just made and everying evens out when you wash or block the item when finished.

I wrap the yarn around the needle then put the needle behind the 2nd stitch and trying to take it off then to place on the right needle…