Stitch counts

Hi, I’m Melissa and an occasional knitter. I knitted a pair of the felted clogs from the Fiber Trends pattern a number of years ago and they worked out beautifully. I picked up the pattern again to make my daughter a pair and have run into stitch # problems within the first 4 rows. I end up with the correct number of stitches at the end of the rows when I’m increasing but some of the k counts don’t match up with the number of stitches I have. I’ve looked for errors in the pattern but have not found anything that addresses this. Has anyone else run into this problem?

It looks like there are several from fibers trends.
You’re stitch counts work out after increases but something goes wrong later? Are there other increase or decrease rows? Maybe you can quote a line or two that are in the area where the counts go off? Don’t give us the whole pattern since that causes copyright problems. A line or two is ok.