Stitch count

I am knitting a blanket from Bernat in blanket yarn. It is really beautiful and I have already knit a big ball. However, I was coasting along pretty good, and then suddenly, I didn’t have enough stitches at the end. So I went back a few rows, and the pattern starts with 99 stitches, and even when I pulled out some (very carefully) I am still ending up with 97.

Can someone tell me how many stitches I should have in each row?

I was on row 11 and pulled out to row 9, but I still have 97

Thanks for your help!:knitting:

It’s 99sts at the end of each row. (You can check the rows by seeing if every decrease is balanced by a yarn over.) It may be that in taking out the last few rows, you dropped some yarn overs. It’s easy to do.
If you look at the sts and the pattern so far you may be able to spot where the yarn overs were dropped and pick up the yarn between sts to get them back on the needle. If not, carefully tink back another row.
A lifeline would be a good idea here, maybe every 12 rows.

It certainly is a beautiful blanket. Hope you can get back on track.