Stitch count

I am working on this Ravelry pattern:

I completed the instructions for the yoke and have 160 stitches. Between the markers this is my count: 25 marker 33 marker 44 marker 33 marker 25 marker.

As per the body and sleeve inst in the pattern I should have 25 then
32 and then 46 stitches. Did I do something wrong or am I supposed to purl 32 out of 33 stitches and transfer the next stitch to the stitches that make the back of the sweater?

Thanks !!!

I think if you just purl 32 sts for the sleeves, and put the extra stitches with the back sts you should be just fine for this sweater.

cool !!!

I just looked at the pattern page on Ravelry. It said there were errors in the stitch counts in the first version that have been corrected in version 1. Perhaps this may be the case here?? Best of luck on this precious little sweater!