Stitch count

I am at the part of the pattern where you separate the sleeves from the body, and my stitch counts don’t agree with the pattern. Where it says cast on 0, my size is first inside the parentheses, I assume I don’t have to cast on anything, so my count at the end of this part is 76 not 84 ( 132-56 28 for each sleeve.) What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to cast on something?

Check to make sure you had the correct number of sts starting the row. I count 75 sts, btw - 19, 28, 28. I think you should always CO sts at the underarm anyway, so I’d do it here too. CO 2 sts 4 times will get you the extra 8 sts you need.

So, is the pattern wrong? I’m not practiced enough to know about always adding at the underarm…thanks for your help!

It’s not wrong, but in a top down sweater like this, it puts less strain on the sts to CO a few for the underarm. It makes the area more like the body is shaped, __/ rather than /.