Stitch count

The pattern is Cumulus Tee, Size XL. As instructed, I cast on 56 st.
I use up 3 stitches from the 56 st for left front and left sleeve, k46, use up 3 stitches from the 56 st for right sleeve and front. That’s 52 stitches knitted from the cast on 56 stitches. I’m left with 4 stitches at the end! I did the 2 raglan stitch increase

on each side; I’m referring to the original 56 stitches. I checked errata, There’s no errata. I checked the finished projects for this pattern on Ravelry and didn’t find any pattern mistakes.
Can you see what I’m missing?

There are 4 raglan sts between the the fronts, back and sleeves. One stitch left front, M, 1 raglan stitch, M, 2sts left sleeve, M, 1 raglan stitch, M, 46 back sts, M, 1 raglan stitch, M, 2sts right sleeve, M, 1 raglan stitch, M, 1 right front stitch.

Those are the 4 missing stitches. They are between 2 markers so that there should be 8 markers total.
I love this tee and have made it myself.

Maybe I’m making my raglan stitches wrong.
This is what I’m doing: K1, M, M1R, M, K2, M, M1L, M, K46, M, M1L, M, K2, M, M1R, M, K1.
I’m still ending the row with 4 stitches left on my needle.

For the increases * knit up to the marker, M1R, slip marker, knit the raglan stitch, slip marker, M1L * then repeat a total of 4 times.
Don’t make the increase in the raglan stitch or between the markers. Make the increase before the marker (and before the raglan stitch) and then after the next marker.

I’m so sorry. I don’t even have the markers placed so I can’t knit up to the marker. I’m still trying to place the markers. Now I know how my 8th graders felt when they didn’t understand something I was teaching.
Is a raglan stitch M1R, K1, M1L? Because if that’s how I do the raglan stitch and there are 4 raglan stitches in the 56 stitches, that will use up those 4 stitches I have left over at the end.

Yes, that’s it exactly! The raglan stitch is that stitch between the markers. M1R, K1, M1L

That indeed accounts for the 4 missing stitches. So the markers are on either side of that K1.
M1R,Marker, K1, Marker,M1L

I often think that one of the benefits of knitting is an understanding of what my children were going through trying to figure out what I was explaining. It’s a humbling experience.

Thank you so much for your help.

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I’ve been working on this all day. I got my markers placed correctly and now I’m on Row 1. How do I repeat “Knit to raglan st, M1R, K1, M1L” and repeat that 4 times when there are only 2 raglan stitches? The picture shows my 2 raglan stitches with the yellow stitch marker.
I’m sorry for asking for your help again.

Sorry. Here’s the picture.

There should be 4 raglan stitches. One between the left front and left sleeve; one between the left sleeve and the back; one between the back and the right sleeve and one between the right sleeve and the right front.

Place the 8 markers before the raglan stitch and after the raglan stitch so they are like this:
One stitch left front, M, 1 raglan stitch , M, 2sts left sleeve, M, 1 raglan stitch , M, 46 back sts, M, 1 raglan stitch , M, 2sts right sleeve, M, 1 raglan stitch , M, 1 right front stitch.

See if this diagram helps. The red dots are the raglan sts. The short straight lines are the markers and the short arrows mark the placement of the increases.

We’ll get there. Don’t think twice about asking until it all makes sense. That’s exactly why we’re here.

Great drawing! Very clear. I have the 2 raglan sts at the other end of the row; it just didn’t show in the picture. What confused me is Row1 didn’t say to knit the 46 back sts and then do raglan sts at the end. Row 1 also says to knit to end of row. That’s 1 stitch. But now that I think of it, it does say Knit to raglan st and I’d have to knit the 46 to get to the next raglan st.
You are so patient. I hope I can proceed now.

Yes, the pattern isn’t giving the stitch numbers here, just the shorthand to knit to the marker, increase, knit the raglan stitch, increase and then repeat the process 4 times total. Probably it was just shorter to leave out the stitch numbers for all the sizes. This is not unusual for patterns.

See how it goes and if you run into a problem of stitch count or whatever, come back and ask. This is such a pretty tee that it’s worth the work.

Thank you again for your help. I imagine it will get easier when I get more raglan increases. The stitch markers will be farther apart, not so bunched up.
Ready to start row 3😊

Excellent! Enjoy working this tee. We’d love to see a photo when you finish.