stitch count

I figured out how to get a stitch count for a garment. (it was seen on line and only showed medium). the problem is the stitch coynt is for a garment made in 2 pieces I believe and I am knitting in the round. Do I just double the count to account for both pieces?

I’m sure there are other things to take into account, but I believe that you’d need to substract the selvage stitches if you’re knitting in the round.

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oh my, what are those and how do I kniw how many there are.

I’m a beginner - and not a native English speaker - so hopefully someone more knowledgeable will join us here! What I call selvage stitches are the first and the last stitch of a row when you’re knitting a garnment flat (in pieces). These stitches are meant to facilitate the sewing of the pieces together. If you’re knitting in the round, you won’t be sewing any pieces so you can substract 2 stitches from your count.


that makes sence. thank you

Are u reading a pattern that’s already written or are just winging it??


it was a you tube video and the person completed the garment and the pattern was displayed as the garment was made. tge only problem was for a medium only

A stitch count should be good for both pieced and in the round. If it gives a stitch count of 24 stitches = 4 inches, that would be 6 stitches to the inch. (divided 24 by 4) From that you can figure out how many stitches you need for whatever size you need. (6 stitches x however many inches you need for the chest part of the sweater)

I don’t/wouldn’t change/subtract any stitches for selvage as that’s only 4 stitches and you always need some ease in any sweater and that would be less than an inch of ease so it shouldn’t make a difference unless you want the sweater to be form fitting (no ease). Then you might want to take off for the selvage if you’re knitting in the round.

Just my take, for what it’s worth.

Not experienced but one thing that occurs to me is to take into account any particular stitch pattern in the sweater and make sure you have the right amount of multiples. Some patterns I tried need to be across say 4 or 6 stitches and the instruction would say ‘multiples of 4’ or ‘multiples of 6’.

thank you so much for your help