Stitch Count Issue?

In the fingerless glove pattern on this page:
the first decrease row has 2 stitches more than the project started with. Any ideas what should be removed to make it work the way it should?

Help much appreciated.

Huh? You start with 50 sts, knit 2.5" then after the decrease row you end up with 46 sts because there’s 4 decs in it.

I tried to work the decrease row multiple times to figure it out, and when I plugged the instructions for the decrease row after a few rows of ribbing into a chart creator, it told me that the decrease row had 52 stitches in it.

On first look I agreed with Suzeeq; even after I read your second post I thought that was probably right (not that Sue is wrong, the pattern is). But I went through the first decrease row and I believe your chart generator is right. That row would have to have started with 52 stitches to work it as written. Maybe it should have said CO 52 and work the ribbing. One error always makes me wonder if there are others.

If you already have the 2 1/2 inches of ribbing done I’m not sure what you should do to make it work out. That row does decrease 4X as the pattern says, but you need to start out with 52 not 50 to have it work as they say.

Thanks. I might try that, but since I need to seam it up in the end, I might just try removing stitches from that row since after the second decrease the ribbing looked off.
In the picture I couln’t tell where the decreases were at first glance, making me think that something went wrong on that row.
If I have the time, I’m going to enter the entire pattern into a chart generator to scout it out for similar mistakes.