Stitch count in pattern help

Good evening everyone! I’m finally starting my first real sweater (yay!), but I’ve already run into a but of a problem.

I’m working on MacKenzie 8ply by Rebecca Newman, but I’m having trouble with the stitch counts in the pattern. I must be counting and/or reading something wrong somewhere.

Size for 3 year old.

Cast on 70 stitches.
Row 2: increase 8 stitches
Row 4: Buttonhole row; increase 8 stitches
Row 6: increase 8 stitches
Row 8: increase 8 stitches
"Repeat rows 8 and 9 until you have 5 garter ridges from the first buttonhole row (including the buttonhole row as one ridge)"
Row 10: Buttonhole row; increase 8 stitches
Repeat rows 8 and 9 until you have 5 garter ridges from the first buttonhole row (including the buttonhole row as one ridge)
Row 14: Buttonhole row; increase 8 stitches
Repeat rows 7 and 8 once. [one more increase of 8 stitches]

According to the pattern, I should now have 246 stitches. But the way I read this, I only have 174 stitches.

Basically, every even row increases 8 stitches. The button band is in garter stitch. I understand that if it says to have 5 garter ridges, that is 10 rows of knitting. With ever even row increasing 8 sts, that’s a total increase of 40 sts. Is this correct?

I’ve included a couple of photos of what I have so far. I apologise if this is a bit hard to follow. Since I paid for it, I want to make sure and respect the copyright. Let me know if I need to post more info.

My guess is that I’m somehow counting the garter ridges incorrectly. In comparison to the pictures on ravelry, my button holes seem a bit close together. But I’m not sure.

Has anyone else done this pattern?

Help please? :slight_smile:


It all looks lovely so far, beautiful colors.
I get the same stitch count that you do. Are you sure the stitch count should be 246 for your size? That’s almost twice as many increase rows (or ridges) as the pattern gives. You’d have to increase to 8 garter ridges between the buttonhole ridges (not counting the buttonhole ridges) and I don’t see that in the projects on Rav. See this one where it’s easy to count the ridges for the 5 yr old size:
You might also check the count for the next larger size and the next smaller to see if they add up.
Why not contact the designer? Her user name is tinylovely:

Thanks for checking that and for the suggestions, salmonmac : )

I would have never thought to test the larger and smaller size.

The chart lists the 3 year old size as having 246 stitches. The 2 year old should have 242, and the 4 year old 272. But by my counts, the 2 year old has 170 and the 4 year old has 176.

The pattern author just got back to me. She said there is an error in the pattern and that she is working on a fix that will hopefully be done around tomorrow.

Oh great, good to know. The only other thing I could think of was that maybe there should be 16sts increased per increase round but that would be an unusual contruction.
Glad you’re on your way to solving the problem. Thanks for getting back to us.

gorgeous fall colors in the yarn… what are you using?

They are lovely colours! Actually I have no idea what this yarn is. It was a lot that someone bought and then didn’t use, so I don’t have any labels. I’d love to find out though because I really am enjoying the colours as well :slight_smile:

salmonmac, you were right, there are supposed to be more ridges between the button holes.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I wanted to post up here for the record. I did find out what this yarn was. It’s “Impeccable” and the colour is “Earth”. I happened to run across it at a local craft store.