Stitch count help


Swatching with an alternate yarn to see if I like the effect.

The lace pattern is a mulitple of 2 + 1.

I CO 21 sts. 2 sts on each side for edge, so that leaves 17 sts. 16 (which is a mulitple of 2) +1. However, I cannot get row 2 to work with that many sts. Where am I making the mistake?

It looks like row 2 uses an even number of stitches, so the 16 plus 1 won’t work out evenly. I’d try slipping that last stitch and see how it works.

So is the 2 +1 wrong as printed?

No, I think it’s correct. I just suspect that the Row 2 pattern doesn’t finish at the end of a repeat, but rather with the first stitch of the repeat.

Or there’s a typo, and R 2 should end with a k1… let me work up a sample and get back to you, I think it works… sl 1, p1, psso, yo… it might be right.

Thanks. It seems like they should mention that in the pattern.

I’m working up a sample too. And burning dinner, I better go flip that omlette!

Okay, I did up a couple rows… I’d take out the k1 at the beginning of row 1; it serves no purpose and the sts work out fine without it on a multiple of 2, no plus. Perhaps another st was intended on row 2, but I don’t think you’ll need it. Right now having the k1 in there makes it sort of unbalanced as that make the pattern have 2 sts at the start, but a YO at the end. Just my thoughts…

Thanks Sue. I did does knit up correctly that way. And Classic Elite just posted the corrected pattern too. It seems that all of Wenlan Chai’s (Twinkle Knits) patterns have errors.

Ohhh, will have to go look at the corrected pattern. Thanks for letting us know.