Stitch count help

Editing to add the rest of the pattern and more questions.

On the increase round am I increasing every OTHER stitch? If so, wouldn’t I have 102 stitches not 136?

Working on a hat with the following linen stitch. I am using different yarn than the pattern and therefore have more stitches. I thought I was ok and that the linen stitch needed to be worked over an odd number of stitches. However an odd number of stitches would make Row 1 end on a knit stitch and not a sl1wyf. Am I wrong?

Using Long tail method cast on 68 (72 sts for a bigger head/bulkier hair) sts with darker yarn.
Join in a round, carefully not to twist and place a marker in indicate the round beginning.
Start the twisted ribbing pattern, which is :
all rounds: k1tbl, p1 repeat throughout the round.
Work 10-13 rounds and then switch to contrasting yarn.
Increase round:
k1, k1fb repeat to the last 2 sts, k1fb , k1fb.
Next round start the linen stitch pattern:
Round 1-2: * k1, sl1wyf* continue throughout the round.
Round 3-4: sl1wyf, k1 continue throughout the round.


It should end on a knit stitch, so you’re ok.:thumbsup:

Thanks. Although I think I am even more confused now. I edited my post to ask more.


I don’t get 136, either. :think:

ETA However, if you k1, m1 all the way around, you get 136, plus do a kfb in the end stitch you’ll get the plus 1 stitch.

This is the link to the hat picture and pattern. I did try K1, K1FB repeat all around and that does double the stitch count I think that would give me more of a beret shaped hat.

If I am working the linen stitch in the round, do I need and even number or an odd number of stitches? The only directions I have found for the linen stitch was a 2-row repeat and knit flat.

It occurred to me very early this morning, that kfb in every stitch would give you the increases. :doh:

When you knit linen st flat, it has the extra knit at the end, which I think you can leave off for in the round.

Yes Kfb in every stitch would double it. But doesn’t

k1, k1fb repeat to the last 2 sts, k1fb , k1fb.

mean k1, k1fb, k1, k1fb…? Therefore only adding 1/2 the amount of cast on stitches.

I think I’ll email the designer to get her input. Her hat is so cute. I’ll let you know what she says.


I just got a response back from the designer (she is quick). This is what she said. Not sure I fully understand why there are an odd number of stitches yet, but I’ll play around with it. Going to put in a lifeline before I start the linen stitch section.

“Candice, ypo are correct, thanks for pointing the mistake out to me.Yes you are increasing every other stitch
If you have cast on 68(72) sts you should have 103(109) sts after the iecrease round and yeah you need odd number of stitches as this is a stitch pattern in a round, and this is a modified linen stitch pattern. Why is that? as the stitch pattern will be joined with a new round that switches and sometimes after a marker you would have to slip 1 to start the new repeat. LIke you would knit 2 last sts before the sts marker:
k1, slip1wyf, slip marker (and next round u have to start by slipping 1 and then knitting one, so you) slip 1, knit 1.
Just try it it works. Sorry for the confusion and i appreciate your feedback!”

I’m glad she got back to you. I hope it works out. Maybe with the knitting right in front of you, it’ll be more clear.