Stitch count for repeat

I want to knit this blanket, but more narrow. Can someone explain to me how to figure out the multiples so I can decide how many stitches to cast on.


It’s a multiple of three stitches. Plus a total of three stitches for edges (2 on one side, 1 on the other - they alternate)

The clue is what stitches you repeat across the width of the blanket.

In rows 1 and 3 the pattern itself is between *. If i understand correctly, the pattern consists of 3 sts. You have K2, then pattern then K1. So 132 sts -3 (border sts) =129. 129/3=43. That means that the pattern repeats 43 times. You can make less repeats and make the blanket a narrow one. You just have to CO 3 sts+ 3X? to keep the pattern correct.
I hope i did the right math :zombie: and HTH

Thanks! Come check out my next question on the blanket (new post)!