Stitch Count Doesn't Add Up - Help!

Hi It’s been ages since I posted here & was shocked to see I first registered in 2005! It’s you wonderful folk that started me knitting and I’ve gone on and on. So firstly a resounding thank you for all your help on my first leg of the journey.

Now for the problem. I started a baby ‘helmet’ hat and found after the initial 4 rows of rib, the next row didn’t have enough stitches to complete the instructions. I had my husband the engineer double check the stitch count for me and we both came up with the same. Maybe I’m misinterpreting the instructions so here goes below to see if any of you can work it out for me.

CO 117 sts,
Rib for 4 rows incr one st at end of last row [118 sts]

Next row (and this is the problem row *)
K1, m1, k20, k2tog, k2tog tbl, k20, m1, k2, m1, k10, k2tog, k2tog tbl, k10, m1, k2, m1, k20, k2 tog, k2tog tbl, k20, m1, k1.

By my reckoning I need a total of 124 sts to be able to complete this row not the 118 sts given in the final rib row which is the foundation row for the beginning of the pattern. I started this off several times thinking I was miscounting until I realised it’s not just me! :wink:

This is a vintage British pattern so I had a look at a very similar modern pattern and guess what? The same anomaly came up with the number of stitches not working out. I figure I must be doing something wrong.

If there is a wizard out there who can sort me out I’d be most grateful

K[B]1[/B], m1, k[B]20[/B], k[B]2[/B]tog, k[B]2[/B]tog tbl, k[B]20[/B], m1, k[B]2[/B], m1, k[B]10[/B], k[B]2[/B]tog, k[B]2[/B]tog tbl, k[B]10[/B], m1, k[B]2[/B], m1, k[B]20[/B], k[B]2[/B] tog, k[B]2[/B]tog tbl, k[B]20[/B], m1, k[B]1[/B].

I count that you need 118 sts to complete the row. The m1 increases are done between the existing stitches and add to the count. If you do a kfb in the next stitch instead of between two stitches that will account for the difference and why you’re coming up short.
Check the Free Videos for how to do a m1.

Yes!!! That is totally it. I have been increasing with a knit in front and back of the next stitch instead of lifting the loop between stitches which has made for me counting the m1 as an extra stitch. Can’t thank you enough for solving this one, and I can now sleep tonight :wink: What a clever thing you are to work it out.

Glad I could help. It’s a common mistake. You’re not the first and won’t be the last to do it. Happy knitting.