Stitch count adjustment question

I have a pattern that states: Knit 1 end with color B, at the same time evenly adjust stitch count as follows: dec 2/inc 2/no change/dec 2/inc 2. Does this mean that I need to k3tog/ knit into the front, back, front/knit1/k3tog/knit into the front, back, front repeating all the way around my row? This should decrease my row by 2 stitches, from 56 to 54. Why wouldn’t you just decrease evenly twice in the row instead? Thank you for any help! I’m stuck.

Welcome to KH. I can’t answer your question for you right now. I think we need to know what you’re working on and the pattern you’re using. If it’s available online please link to it. I’m thinking there is a stitch pattern involved that requires increases and decreases at specific points in the row.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Yes, a pattern link if possible, is always helpful. If your pattern comes in a range of sizes, it’s possible the directions are for the different sizes. If so, for size small, dec 2 sts evenly spaced along the row (not a k3tog and not placed right next to each other).

Thank you for responding! I’ve attached the pdf. Am working the XS size, so cast on 56 stitches. All was going well until this line of pattern…

Here are the chart for the pattern as well. Thank you again!!

The directions are for the different sizes, so for the smallest size, dec 2sts evenly over the round. The chart is a multiple of 6sts so decreasing 2sts will adjust your cast on to that multiple.

Thank you!! I’m a newby to knitting…

Well then welcome to knitting too. Good for you for making this pattern. We’d love to see a photo of the finished project if you’d like to post one.