Stitch clarification

I am working on the last band of the Florida bagand i just realized i have never done the exact stitch it is asking for…(i seriously thought i had so who knows what the heck i was doing before! :shock: )

when you (K1,P1,K1) into the same stitch, are you moving the yarn forward and backward between too? i have so far but it looks a little strange so i just wanted clarificaion! :wink: thanks!

btw it is the blue band on top…

and i would like to know what sadist came up with the P3tog stitch!

Yes, you move the yarn back and forth and knit into the front of the stitch.

P3tog tbl is even more fun! :happydance:

Yes, you knit the stitch, bring the yarn forward, purl the same stitch, bring the yarn back, knit the stitch again, THEN slip the original stitch off the left needle. You are making 1 stitch into 3 stitches, then the P3tog decreases two of those so you are back to the same #. You are making bobbles.

And I agree, I have a REALLY hard time with P3tog. I tend to be a tight knitter so getting the needle through three stitches together proves very challenging for me.

I love that bag, can’t wait to see it finished. Are you using the suggested colours?

yeah not a fan! lol…i thought i was going to be done with the knitting of this thing tonight but i have a feeling that P3tog thing is going to slow me down just out of irritation…lol

Thank you Miz Ingrid! (and Miz KnitQueen! :wink: ) :thumbsup:

nah i am using Katia Idea…i went to the LYS planning on being economical…sigh if i do decide to make it again, i would use regular wool yarn of some sort though because this stuff causes some stitch definition to disappear i think. but i still like how it looks well enough! :wink:

i am concerned about it being tall enough because it so far isn’t coming close to the height listed in the instructions but there is also going to be a certain amount of stretching involved after putting it all together so we’ll see.

Looks really lovely! Very summery and fun. :happydance:


Looks great! Such pretty colors and even stitching!