Still working on the morgan driving cap

I’m still plugging along on the morgan driving cap. Here is the link

I’ve done the shaping on the front of the crown and I’m on the part that says: Insert left needle into back loop of the st which is 3 rows below next st on needle; k this loop together with next st on needle

I can’t figure out how you would do this with the left needle. It seems you could get the loop with the point of the right needle and bring it up and put it on the left needle and then knit the 2 stitches together but how you would do this with the left needle has me baffled. (But then again it could just be me!) Any ideas on this??? Thanks everyone!!!:knitting:

You could do it with the R needle, the goal is to knit the st 3 rows below togwith the one on the needle. How you do that is whatever’s easiest for you.

Thanks so much. It seems to make more sense to me to do it with the right needle but I thought another idea on it would be best before having to take it out later!:yay: