Still mixed up

I was on knitting at Knoon and was watching some videos. She shows the MIR as slanting right and the MIL as slanting left. But when I look at Amy’s swatch she shows the MIL as slanting right (I am looking at the black line) and the MIR as slanting left. :?? Which is it? I am just curious because if I am looking at it wrong that means that all the other increases I am doing are slanting wrong. Am I to look at the black line on her swatches to tell me which way they are going?

They’re both the same exact stitch, slanting the same way.

In Amy’s swatch, the “straight” stitches are the edge stitches which are laying diagonally in the photo… these are the stitches that the increase is made from. The increase stitches are coming from the right of the edge, and slanting to the right. See pic… hope it helps! :slight_smile:

I was totally looking at the swatch wrong. I was looking at the edge stitch and seeing if it went right or left. Now I did a swatch and can see that a MIR slants right and a MIL slants left. But now I have another question. On the KLL it shows that the slant is going left on the swatch and the KRL is going right. But Amy says if you do them side by side do a KLL then a KRL. So, if you are increasing side by side should they not grow out from each other? I did a swatch and my KLL slant right and my KRL slants left. That would make sense if Amy says to do the KLL first and the KRL second. But the swatch shows different. Do you understand me? Can you tell me what way the KLL and KRL slant? :wall:

I get confused by right/left slants too, and just use whichever one seems to look right at the place I’m knitting.


It’s weird because after explaining the swatch and looking at it different I understand that MIR slants right and MIL slants left but then I dont get why Amy says to do a KLL first and then the KRL If the KLL slants left and the KRL slants right wouldn’t they turn towards each other? :??

Maybe, but it could be in certain circumstances you’d want to do that. Like I said, my mind can’t figure it out; I make some one way, then the other, and if they don’t look right to me, I do them over. Have you tried a swatch and see how they look?


Yeah, I am so confused, this should be simple but it does not work out that way. I have been trying to keep notes on inc and dec but now I think all my notes could be wrong. I was also doing a MIF because I had to dec on a purl side on my last sweater. On the swatch it shows that it slants the same as MIL (left slanting) but is that from the right side or wrong side. Does anyone really understand the swatch and tell me the KLL, KRL, MIF? :??

edit I meant MIF inc not dec