Still missing something

I am still having a problem with this pattern, I ended up with 4 sts at end of row rather than 3.
to clarify here are the instructions with the row numbers.
row 4 (RS): knit
row5 and all odd # rows: purl
row 6: k3 *yo sl1 k1 psso k6. Rep from * to last 4 sts. yo sl1 k1 psso k2.
row 8: k4 *yo sl1 k1 psso k6. Rep from * to last 3 sts. yo sl1 k1 psso k1.
row 10 & 12: knit
row 14: k7 k2tog yo k6. Rep from to end of row.
row 16: k6 *k2tog yo k6. Rep from * to last st k1.
row 18: knit
row 19: purl
Rep rows 4 - 19 foe lace pattern

Shape sides: Next row (RS) k1 sl1 k1 psso. pat to last 3 sts. k2tog k1.
Work 7 rows even in pat.
Rep last 8 rows 4 times more.
69 sts
Oh started with 79 sts.
My problem is after row 19, Do I knit a row purl a row (row 4=row20)
When I worked row 6 instead of starting with the k3, I followed the shaping k1 sl1 k1 psso. and then followed row 6 starting with the yo, but I ended up with 4 sts like row 6 says but in the shaping I should have 3 sts.
I am confused here can any one see what I am doing or reading wrong.
Thank you.

Yes, after row 19, start with row 4 but with the shaping decreases. But then you work 7 rows of the pattern without any decs. So on row 6 you don’t do them, but since you already decreased on row 4, start with k2 and you should end up with 3 sts at the end. Row 8 starts with k3 and you end with just k2, don’t do the YO.

O.K. so at the end of row 6 I would now yo sl1 k1 psso and k1 (rather than k2)
And then on row 8 k3 yo sl1 k1 psso k6 ending with (yo)sl1 k1 psso k1. But do not do the last yo?
But would’nt that dec. a st on row 8 then?

I read it wrong. You’re right on row 6, just end it with k1 instead of k2. On row 8 just don’t do the k1, end with YO skp.