Still knitting a shawl

with no pattern. So, it’s more like a very wide scarf, but I’m calling it a “sampler shawl”. I’m just knitting for the sake of the deliciousness of feeling the yarn and needles in my hands…no pattern to speak of. Weather is still cold and wet, so I need something in my hands, that feels warmish. It’s a sock yarn, merino. I won’t have enough for the entire shawl in this one colour, so will be switching at some point.

Here’s as far as I got so far:

That’s lovely. You can do sky colors? You can enjoy knitting it now and wrapping it around you later. What could be nicer?

I was at my sister’s not long ago and she watched me frogging something I’d been working on and wasn’t happy with. I explained to her that making something is nice but I knit to make the stitches. She didn’t quite get it. She crochets but only very basic rows of sc, hdc, or dc.

Woodi, It looks beautiful. I love the blues and can’t wait to see what comes next.

GG, I think I know just what you’re saying. Couldn’t agree more.

That’s pretty!!

am pondering that I’ll do a crochet edging on each side, when done. I didn’t plan ahead enough to remember to do seed stitch or plain knitting at the edges. as I did at the bottom.

Very pretty, Woodi. I’m not sure you need the sides to match the bottom and top, and it might be difficult to crochet the edging if you’re changing colors at some point.

At any rate, what you’ve got so far is beautiful.

It is lovely and a lovely color too. Looking forward to seeing it completed

Completed!!! …I hadn’t even got that far in thinking it through. But I’m sure it will be completed some day. However, summer is coming, and I don’t usually knit much in hot weather (no a/c). Will keep you posted though.

I have a project going right now that I’ve made a commitment to finish within a reasonable timeframe. I like what I’m making but knitting it to finish it isn’t the same as knitting it to be knitting it. I’m enjoying doing it, it is a different kind of enjoyment. Sometimes, the journey is the point and the destination is bonus. I should start something like the scarf Woodi is making just to have it to fall back on. Still, there are those things I can’t finish fast enough but they need to be small, like a dish cloth or maybe mittens, either because it’s something I want to finish or I know the person it’s for is really looking forward to getting it.