STILL ISO Plymouth Yarn

Hi everyone, just finished a couple projects using “Jelli Beenz”–boy do I love that stuff:heart: I would like to get alot of it (discounted)…checked some online stores, no one has the variegated stuff that I like…Carnival is one color and there are some other ones here any thoughts out there? Thanks

I have some of the black varigated, if your interested, I can look how much I have and make a trade or sell it to you.
Just let me know.

:woohoo: Got lots of “stuff” to trade for…Needles, Crochet Stuff (lots of vintage pattern books), Books, Quilting Stuff (books, mostly mags) Let me know What your in to…as you can see I do it all, but lovvvvve Knitting the most!!!

Just purchased some “black variegated” still looking for other colors…

I have blue, green & yellow… I’ll email you the #'s of each…

Michele, I knew there had to be more people with this yarn. Hope you find more out there somewhere. I know what it is like to find a yarn that you really like and want more :wink:

I unearthed mine from my stash… I have 9 yellow, 4 purple, 6 blue.

One of the yellow has been wound in a ball… the rest still in the original skein. I do have the ball band from the one in a ball.

Hi there…just pm’d you:hug:

hey cheley!

My LYS carries the jelli beanz… I think it’s $4 a ball. PM me if you are interested in me picking some up for you. You can also try calling and ordering by phone, she ships out orders as well (her shops website is here and the jelli beanzhere) HTH

Where did you look? :?? I found a [I]lot[/I] of it online.

Thanks for the sites…I was looking here on the “forum” for discounted stuff… maybe someone purchased and didn’t want or like (I needed/still want alot of it)…I love that stuff:cheering:

It’s not expensive even in the online stores so if all else fails… :thumbsup: