Still confused

I have read 5 or 6 replies to questions about neck shaping - joining the second ball of yarn. None that I’ve read tell exactly where and how to join the yarn. I just can’t find it. Ready to do this sweater and want to find out up front before I get started. Thanks to anyone who can help.

Do you mean where you knit across one shoulder, bind off (or put on holders) the middle stitches and knit the other shoulder?

Once you take the middle stitches out of the row, either by binding or holding, you need two stands of yarn–one for each shoulder.

If you are binding off the stitches, you can knit the first shoulder, let that yarn hang there for the next row back. Then you attach a new ball–just start knitting with it or attach it as you would any new ball of yarn. You use that ball of yarn to bind off the middle stitches and work to the end of the row. Now you have a separate strand of yarn at each shoulder.

If you are putting the stitches in the middle on a holder, you attach a new ball of yarn to the second shoulder where the neck stitches begin.

Yes, I’m talking about where you bind off or hold stitches while you are knitting the shoulders. I just can’t get a picture but I believe your description will make sense once I actually do it. Probably making it waaay more complicated than it is. I’ll get it. By the way, is there a video on the website that demonstrates it? Thanks so much for your help. I’ll be saving this info for when I’m ready to tackle it.

I don’t believe there are any videos specifically on this. And you’re right–I find that if I don’t understand what the pattern is saying as it is written, it almost always makes perfect sense when you actually have the knitting up to that point in your hand. Lots of “Aha” moments! That’s why I put “trust the pattern” in my signature. Don’t overthink or second guess. Just do it–THEN think about it so you understand it.

Thanks again for the encouragement - it’s great knowing there’s real help out there! I will be back. :)[/b]