Still confused over yfwd

Here’s my pattern excerpt:

K4, yfwd, K3, sl 1, K2tog, psso, K3 yfwd, K1, rep to last 3, K3

I’m trying to wrap my brain around yfwd. This is probably what I was doing while fighting with my DD’s scarf. So I bring the yarn forward between the needles as if to purl… but I knit instead. What is this supposed to look like? I think I have the wrong needle/yarn combo anyway, but it’s coming out as a tangled mess. :wall:

Anyone have pics or anything?

It sounds like this is an English-printed pattern. In Britain, YFWD = YO. So just wrap the yarn around your right-hand needle. This will make a little eyelet-type hole.

That is correct…an yfwd is the same as YO. Just bring the yarn between the needle tips to the front. Then knit and it will create an extra stitch and appear as an eyelet.

The k2tog and psso are decreases to counteract the increase of the yfwd/yo.

Okay, so I wrap the yarn around the right needle (as if to knit) and then actually knit the next - like the New England Stole I’m doing for my mom. I was thinking I was supposed to somehow knit with the yarn in the front! :doh:

If you knit with the yarn in front, it creates the yo, anyway.

yep, if you have the yarn in front it creates the YO as already mentioned, but if you wrap as well the “loop” created will be bigger than intended