Stiff scarf?

Since you all were so helpful yesterday, I figured I’d ask this question before I get too far into my next project.

I just started to knit a scarf for my friend, and I wanted to make it extra thick, so I decided to do it with two threads together. I’m just doing K2P2, with Red Heart Super Saver yarn, and it’s getting really stiff. Do I need to use bigger needles, or is it just because of the yarn I’m using? Will it get softer if I wash it? Should I use a different stitch pattern?

Thanks all!!

Using a larger size needle (probably several sizes larger) is definitely going to help make it more pliable. What size needle are you currently using?

If you’re using the same needle you would knit a single strand with, that’s the problem. Doubling RHSS would give you a super bulky yarn weight and you need at least an 11, but probably a 13 or 15 needle would be better to make it soft and drapey.

Thanks, guys! I was using size 9 needles and switched to size 13, it already looks and feels much better! :slight_smile: