Stiff Neck!

Okay-- :thinking: I know this is stupid, but I always get tight shoulders and a stiff neck after I’ve knit a little while. I’m prone to headaches and I have Fibromyalgia, so maybe that’s the main reason. :study: But I never hear anyone in here talking about this problem and I am wondering if I’m holding my work improperly, or if it’s just my own particular problem. :oo: I used to LOVE to do counted cross stitch until the headaches finally stopped me. :crying: I didn’t do handwork for years, and then I thought I’d try knitting and I really love it. Still–I HATE the neck and had pain…Any suggestions? PLEASE?? :pray: :pray:

I don’t know if this will help, but maybe if you switch to knitting with circular needles, even for straight work, it may change the way you hold the needles. Also the weight of the knitting seems to be distributed more evenly so as you get along in a project the weight of it isn’t always on one side.

I hardly use straights anymore at all. I find circs more comfortable.

Hmmm…didn’t know about the circlulars being easier on one than the straights but it makes a lot of sense!! :doh: And , I have been knitting socks–which I’m just learning too, so I’m sure I was a bit more stressed than for just “straight knitting”. I just won a set of Boyes interchangeables off eBay today and for less than $37.00 including the shipping and handling!! I’m really stoked about 'em!! :happydance: It’ll be wonderful to look forward to a more comfortable knitting session. :XX: Thanks~~ :heart:

I have a friend that has Fibromyalgia and knits. She doesn’t have too many problems when she uses circs. She also puts pillows under her arm. I can’t remember which arm.

My neck gets stiff sometimes if I don’t have good lighting. Also, my shoulders like to creep up on my and I have to take breaks to make sure I lower them (that is probably just a stress thing for me).

RELAX!!! When you start stiffening up make yourself limp like & do stretching exercises and realize that it’s JUST YARN and relax.
I used to do the same thing & I realized that I was all tense and clinching the needles; mostly this happened when I was under time crunch for a project or something. You must relax.

I still find I get that way when I’m working on something really frustrating… like when I have to ktog and the needle doesn’t want to go through. :wall:

But yeah, just take a break and relax… usually the pain comes from having “the grip of death” on your needles.

Thanks to youall! :heart: I just need to get up and try to shake out the tension, I’m sure, but I just get involved and don’ t wanna stop!! :XX: HAPPY KNITTING TO ALL OF YOU. :thumbsup: