Stiff finger

Good morning
Is there a way to relax your hand while knitting-my baby finger on my right hand cramps? :crying:

Thank you in advance

If you just started knitting, Im thinking it will work itself out…its like starting a new exercise program…you’re FEELIN THE BURN!

Otherwise, you may want to try wrapping your yarn differently around your fingers, or just being extra AWARE of the tension in your hands.

I’ve had a problem with my thumb at times, but not my fingers–except for general fatigue when I knit a lot at once. Maybe between rows you could do some finger stretching and wiggling excercises?

By the way–don’t be surprised if chaos erupts when people react to the title of this post!! :rofling:

SHAME on you, Ingrid Louise!

And what was YOUR first thought when you saw ‘Stiff Finger?’ Did you really, truly, think about a sore pinky? Hmmmmm?

Karen - I too had to make myself hold my yarn in a different way because I would curl my right pinky to keep the yarn tight - that was my only tension in that hand. I had to make myself wrap the yarn around my middle and index fingers. it was awkward for a while, but it made a huge difference. you’ll figure something out. good luck :smiley: :thumbsup:!

(Ingrid :roflhard:!)

It was the first thing to pop into my mind, Ingrid!

I saw a thread like this on the crochet board I’m on, and my suggestion was to look up some finger exercises that mucisians use and to use them to limber up before starting your work, and to take regular breaks and do them at that time as well. The woman I suggested it to said she found some that looked like they would work on the 'net.

Sending a thank you to all who responded to my problem with my pinky-I will take everyone’s advise and hopefully this will alleviate some discomfort-thank you again!!! :thumbsup: