Sticky Needles

I bought the Denise interchangeable needles. My yarn sticks terribly to the cables. I fought with them last night for quite a while before giving up. It didn’t help my tension any. What can I do?

I was just looking at the Denise website ( because I was thinking about getting some, and I came across this in their customer comments page:

The original Denise set I received had troublesome cords. My stitches wouldn’t slide easily along them and knitting got caught in the joins. It turns out that the Denise folk had a bad batch last fall/winter and I had accidentally received a set of cords from the bad batch. A quick call to Linda at their toll-free number and replacement cords were sent to me with no fuss. As promised, these were very smooth, slippery and worked perfectly.

The only thing is that this is dated 2003–I don’t know if this could still be the problem with your set? Perhaps you could contact them and see.

Invest in Addi Turbos! :lol: Just kidding! ducking the rotten tomatoes being thrown I guess I’m just in a smart-alec kind of mood. :oops: :wink:

Sorry, I have no experience with the Denise, hopefully someone will be on shortly to actually give you some ‘good’ advice! :wink:

Peg, I AM going to get some addi’s - at least one 47" for magic looping. Then I should have EVERY needle known to man - almost. Just half kidding there. I’m looking for the magical needle that’s going to turn me into the Mad Knitter. I’ve used Denise and Boye. And both are fine. But I do want a LONG cord. And joining cords is not the answer for that Magic Looping thing. Or at least I don’t think it is. Guess I should really give it a shot. But I really need ease and slickness for that and I think the join would hang it up.


Thank you. For some reason I didn’t think about going to their website. I’ll try it out.

i have the denise needles and i have no trouble with them. maybe i got the set that has been impproved, but then again i am a newbie. only made scarves so far. have a kniffty knitter and made a load of little bitty hats for newborns at the hospital. then the dog got ahold of my smallest ring and chewed the h— out of it. am really scared to start something new. really really really want to do a sweater. any help would be appreciated.

My Denise set is not sticky at all. I would definitely contact the company to see if you got a bum set. I have been knitting for over 30 years and have tried just about every kind of needle out there and LOVE my Denise needles (which I’ve only had for about 6 months.)

I think the sticky is getting better. Maybe they just needed to be used. I miss the colors of the Boye. I am knitting a black sweater with white needles (boring). They do work well though. My stitches have never been so even. It is like you are holding nothing they are so light.