Stickley Cowl

After 3 cast on attempts resulting in the dreaded “twist”, I took Salmonmac’s advice and used safety pins to hold down the straightened cable prior to joining in the round. I kept checking my work to make sure all was copacetic and have finished the project. I haven’t determined who will be the recipient, but I am delighting a looking at it until it gets gifted.Stickley Cowl


It’s a striking graphic and a beautiful cowl. The recipient whoever that may be, will be thrilled.
Thank you for posting the photo.

Very lovely!

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Your determination and resilience are a credit to you and the outcome is a huge success. Very good looking piece and I’m sure will be treasured by whoever receives it.

Your advice was a real sanity saver, thank you!

Thank you for the kudos’ it was a challenge, I’ll admit, but I’m a better person for it:)

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It’s just beautiful! Are you sure it wouldn’t fit you to a tee??!

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I’m glad you like it - Don’t tempt me!