Stick a Fork In Me?

Never mind sticking a fork in me! Stick a knitting needle in me! Knitting is hazardous to your fingers, at least mine anyway.
I find that I am always putting my right index finger on the tip of the left needle to slide the knitting to the end. The needle jabs me and pokes a hole in my skin, this really hurts after too many times lol.
Anyone else have this problem behaviour?

Yup… I have that problem often as well. Eventually you just get numb to it. LOL.

Happy knitting.

Oh, you can use a finger thimble (made of leather) if you want. I have a pair of needles that are just way stinking sharp that I have to use the finger thimble with so as not to draw blood. LOL. Okay, so they are not THAT sharp, but…you know what I mean.

Me Too!! I have taken to wrapping a cloth Band-aid (not plastic) around the ball of the fingertip. Not only for poking prevention but also to keep from sanding my cuticles down with a rather hardy wool that I’m using.

Good luck with the boo-boo.

Oh my, its nice to know I am not alone in the finger boo boo’s ! LOL. Thimbles and fabric bandaids sound like a good idea, or maybe just cut off my finger so I don’t do that anymore lol. Habits are hard to break.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Too funny! I am actually getting knitting calouses on my fingers!:roflhard:

It helps to knit a little looser so your stitches aren’t so hard to move. Or grip the point with the right thumb and index finger instead of pushing with the finger tip.

I think my right index finger has become numb to the needle.:passedout:

I don’t have your problem, but I do have an issue developing. On the points of my fingers where the needles rest, my tendons are getting sensitive. So if I press on my fingers, they go a little numb! Or if they get too cold (like after being outside in below-freezing weather) they tingle. Then I know that I’ve been knitting too much!

I do it too. More so when I was just starting, but now and then when I have to knit a bit tighter I do. It doesn’t hurt as much anymore.

I also apparantly use my thumb nail to slide the yarn down the needle. So when I trimmed my nails the yarn would just rub skin and no nail, and oh it would huuuurt.

I do it some, too. Since I got the pointy Options I’m getting better at not doing it though.

I like the cloth band-aid idea…I’ve about worn my hands down to nothing knitting and crocheting!!! (leaving now to get some band-aids)

I got some little rubber thingies from the office supply store. I think they’re intended to be used for sorting papers (so you don’t have to lick your fingers.:)). anyway, that works great, and I think I got half a dozen for 94 cents.

I have a callus on my index finger but I still poke that darn finger. I have done the band-aide that that does work. I just hate using them and then having to use another one and so on. I think I am going to get some of the finger grips at the office depot today. I think that my poor finger will love me for it. :roflhard::roflhard:

I still do it sometimes. Some people will tell you it’s a bad habit and offer all kinds of ways to change it. shrug It’s just another way to knit. I do find that I don’t do it as much knitting continental as when I knit English. YMMV.

I bought some leather thimbles from Wal-Mart. They don’t cover the whole finger, they are just a band. I like those a lot because I can still use my finger for other things without having to take it off and on. For example, typing! Plus, it was only about a buck and change for 3 in the pack.