Stick a Fork in Me, I am DONE!

Hi! :waving:

Some of us over in the 1st Sweater KAL have been knitting a “simple” little summer top called TEMPTING.

Did I say simple? Sorry…don’t want to mislead anyone! :wink:

Anyway, mine is DONE…and I was soooo waaaay ready for it to be done, I am just :eyes:

It was SUPREMELY BORING :passedout: from the cast on edge (in the round) up to the 13" length where the two sleeves are knit separately, both knit in the round, and then all are joined to start the yoke.

Here is where the pattern becomes aggravating. There were [B]no diagrams[/B] and [U]few words[/U] to help the knitter conceptualize how to join three items that were all knit in the round: sleeve 1, sleeve 2, and the 13" body. :eyes: Huh?

Once that is figured out…then knitting 266 st. in the round AGAIN for 4 add’l inches…AAARRRGH. Then the eyelet row, then 4 more rows, the bind off in 2x2 rib again. It is just enough to make a grown woman cry. Just sooo supremely monotonous and hard work, too. Literally hard w-o-r-k on the hands.

[B][COLOR=blue][I]BostonBecca blazed the trail for us![/I][/COLOR][/B] She had to do some frogging because her 2x2 rib didn’t align correctly when the sleeves and body were loaded up onto one big circ. She was gracious enough to post her issues:poke:…so…myself and others were forewarned…and I was able to tinker around with which stitches would be placed onto waste yarn and which stitches would load onto the yoke. Anyway, I know I am talking gibberish…but, anyone who has had the misery of joining this garment at the arm area to start the yoke knows what I am blabbing about. :help:

Well, it was knit with Stash yarn…two strands carried together made my gauge perfect. Two colors of cream that worked perfect together. The yarns were two different yarns, too, by the way.

Rowan “CALMER” which is 75% cotton/25% microfiber and
Lara “ENDLESS SUMMER” which is 100% Combed Cotton.

This summer top made my hands and thumbs ache.

But, I am done…[B][I]stick a fork in me, I am DONE![/I][/B] :woot:

My DD looks adorable in it! And her DH loves it on her!
I was up til 4 am last night finishing it. We went to Shipwreck Beads this afternoon, and I wanted to give it to her when I was at her house.

I"m sure it makes it all worth it when you see how much she loves it and how adorable she looks in it! It’s gorgeous and so is she!

I think it’s gorgeous and so is your DD:cheering::cheering::cheering: Looks really good on her:thumbsup:. Here it’s too hot for knit tops in the summer… And i see you finally went to the beads store :teehee:

Nice sweater!

I think I need to go to sleep though because I thought the title of the thread was “STITCH a fork in me…” haha!

:eyes: Me, too! Night! :waving:

As usual, excellent work!!! And your daughter looks very good on it.

The sweater looks great!! Your daughter looks a lot like you! Very pretty.:woohoo:

I was wondering…which yellow paint color have you decided on in the back ground?? I love to decorate but I HATE choosing paint colors. They never turn out the shade I expect.:wall: I’m in the process of choosing a turquoise color for our bathroom.:???:

Wow! THe sweater AND daughter are beautiful!!!

I know you had a horrible time with it, but it came out FAB!

Beautiful work!!!


That sweater is very pretty and your DD is so beautiful!

That sweater is absolutely gorgeous! Your daughter is lovely too!

That is beautiful.

Boy howdy, your dd is a dead ringer for you! The sweater looks sensational on her. Sorry you had so many problems. I can understand alignment issues. Anyway, you did a spectacular job and it is just gorgeous!

Wow! good job there! Its so pretty! Your DD looks lovely in it.

Beautiful job, and congratulations on completing it. :cheering::cheering: It may have been boring in the making, but it is not boring in the wearing. :wink: Your daughter looks very nice in it. BTW, as everyone else has noted, your daughter is lovely.

Oh my gosh, that is just beautiful! I love the pattern, but I can see what you mean about it being boring to knit. That’s a lot of ribbing! Your daughter is lovely in it. Beautiful job.

As another KHer said
"It may have been boring in the making, but it is not boring in the wearing. Your daughter looks very nice in it. BTW, as everyone else has noted, your daughter is lovely."

Ditto !! :poke: she’s definitely your child . BEAUTIFUL she is and the top doesn’t show well unless it is modeled fdoes it? :yay:

Am I the only one who can’t see the pictures?

I cannot see the pics either…[I]


That looks stunning on your beautiful daughter