Sterling Campbell the rattie has passed away :(

sigh we will miss him…he was such a quirky little dude who loved all kinds of food and was my dog’s “brother.” Goodbye, my little friend. :heart:

So sorry for your loss. Losing a friend/family is always hard.:muah:

Awww, that’s sad! So sorry!

That’s a cute picture, too.

Ahhh I’m sorry. My cat, Rex died last week from a prolonged illness that suddenly got really bad. It’s so hard to lose a beloved pet and companion.

So Sorry. What an adorable picture. Hugs.

So sorry, Angela. hugs

Sterling was old etc so it was not unexpected but…still hurts. Juneau seems sad, too, he misses his pack mate. Bye bye, Sterling, you were a good rattie.


Aww, I’m sorry…That’s a very cute picture though.

Hi! :waving:

I wrote the following for Jan in Ca when her lovely Marshmallow went on … I think it was some comfort for her and I hope it offers the same to you.

For Jan and Marshmallow…
Dear Jan - I wrote this specially to remind you that love never dies and no friend is ever truly lost… Hope this helps!

There’s a line, a golden thread,
That goes from heart to heart
It never breaks, it never dims
When life says we must part.

So when you’re down and feeling sad,
Just give that line a tug
And know somehow your much-loved friend
will feel it as a hug!

Much love,
Ruthie :hug:

So sorry for the loss of your friend. It’s hard when any of our furry children go.

Ruthie, could I have your permission to cross post your post to my Basset Hound board? I’m sure a lot of people there would take comfort from it.

Janette, please post this wherever you think it will bring comfort since that was its purpose when I wrote it. I’m delighted to know that it will continue to comfort others.

Thanks and happy knitting,

Ruthie :hug:

That’s so sad. I’m sorry! The photo is adorable. Very sweet.

So sorry to hear…will you find a good replacement for him soon? My favorite cat of the three who live with us was killed a month ago by a nasty fisher/weasel. My poor hubby had to go collect the body from a neighbour’s property. I couldn’t look at it.

I still wake up with nightmarish fear every night…

May you not suffer any longer with grief. I like that poem.

I’m done with rats for now anyway. Sorry about your kitties etc everyone. :frowning: