Steelers hat

Love this one! My dog not happy modelling. First and last job for her.
This is the free ravelry link

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Wonderful Steeler’s hat! You’re set to cheer the team on next year.
Your dog is a perfectly adorable model but maybe a Cleveland fan?

Funny Salmonmac! I am not a football fan. Not sure about our dog. As
A Canadian it is Toronto Blue Jays all the way for me. Huge baseball fan.
The Steelers hat is for my Dil who is their fan…but I have never seen her wear a hat.
If she does not want it…no problem. She is the one who
Takes the hats to the centre where she volunteers
With her hubby (my son) and their child.

Aww! Your dog is adorable! Maltese? Pretty hat, too!

She is a shih tzu. She is a rescue. Only two years old.
Love bug to us, but scared of others. Had a tough beginning with abuse. But spoiled now.

Btw…the hat was washed after she modelled it.

My MIL had a shih tzu. They are cute! My dog is a rescue, too. I don’t think she’d sit still for a hat, but I’ll try. Haha