"Steel" hooks

Hey all!

Are there any “steel hooks” (or rather, hooks in “steel sizes”) that are not made of steel? I’m very allergic to nickel, so I can’t use steel. Even if the hook has a non-steel grip on it, I won’t be able to use it because I have a ridiculous style of crochet that involves using my fingers on the hook itself. I’ve tried to modify it, but I can’t seem to kick the habit!

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

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I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you’re looking for but if you
Google “plastic crochet hooks” there are several kinds that come up. I’ve used the plastic ones and as long as the main shafts aren’t [I]too[/I] flexible, they work just fine.


Here are some hooks from knitpicks that I found.


The whole bottom half is covered.
hth, knitcindy

You may have already found your hook of choice, but I wanted to offer my Handcarved Crochet Hook Store as an option as well. You can choose your wood and they can be as rustic or refined as you like!