Steel/Alumnium Boye Knitting Needles loud questions

Hi.:grinning:I was wondering if you guys think that steel boye knitting needles which is the only ones i use because it’s less tight feel for me are loud the clanging?:thinking:Do people hear it when they are asleep in the mornings?Do people get annoyed by their noise?:grimacing:

If you’re knitting in public then they might be annoyed by the sound, but unless you’re interrupting a movie or other quiet place I don’t think it’s a huge problem. I tried Boye once and didn’t like them and don’t know anyone who uses them so I haven’t heard them for a long time. I think they are aluminum?. I prefer nickel plated or wood which are quieter I think. To each his/her own though.

I’m sure they’re quieter than a kid with a toy drum.
I got rid of all my Boye needles long time ago, I use circulars all the time. I don’t recall that the aluminum needles are that noisy.

As I recall the metal made a scraping sound. They aren’t as smooth as nickel if I remember correctly.