Is anyone here experienced with steeking? I’m starting to find patterns I like that require it and I’m not ashamed to admit I find it scary. I tried it on a swatch with the crochet method and it seemed like it would work pretty well, but I’m nervous about putting in so many hours just to cut my work. Have you guys tried it? Have your garments held up well afterwards?

Ingrid has a Sticky that takes you through the process step by step. I’ve steeked sweaters and found that the edges hold up just fine and sweater sleeve seams hold perfectly well. And besides, it’s lots of fun to do!

Sadly, the photo links on the Sticky are no longer working.


Perhaps help is on the way. Try for the pictures in a little while.

I have no idea how to reload the pictures. They’re not on this computer, probably on the laptop, which is not charged. There are a couple of pictures on Ravelry of actually cutting the steeks.

I’ve done several sweaters with steeking, and have never had a problem with unraveling. It makes it so much easier to knit a stranded pattern when you always work on the right side.

I’ll try to repost the pics, but if you have any questions. . .

I’m sure it must! I’m doing a stranded sweater right now that’s knit flat after the arm holes and it’s a nightmare. Thankfully it’s in chunky yarn so it’s not like I have to do a billion rows. If I ever find a pattern like this again, I’d definitely like to convert it for steeking which seems like it would be super-easy to do.

I’ve seen some videos of steeking before, so I’ll just try to have faith whenever I do try it. :mrgreen: It’s nice to actually hear from someone that they’ve had success with it though.